5G Associate-Level Certification

Interested in enhancing your professional portfolio by receiving a 5G certification from an industry leader? Read on to learn how you can receive a 5G Associate-Level Certification from a world leader in wireless technology.

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What is Qualcomm Technologies’ 5G Associate-Level Certification?

Qualcomm Technologies’ 5G Associate-Level Certification is a comprehensive 5G certification that focuses on key 5G technologies. Instead of having to complete one certification for each 5G-related technology, our 5G Associate-Level Certification allows you to receive one in-depth certification from the company that invented many of the technologies that make 5G possible today.

Specifically, this program certifies you as proficient in the following:

  • 5G Technology Fundamentals
  • 5G Architecture
  • mmWave & Massive MIMO
  • Beam Management
  • 5G Air Interface Operation
  • E2E 5G Signaling Flows
  • 5G Protocol Stack
  • 5G Features, Including BWP, Mobility, Voice, and more


Why Complete Qualcomm Technologies’ 5G Associate-Level Certification?

  • Take Your 5G Skills to the Next Level: Receiving a 5G certification from a global wireless technology leader may help you advance in your professional goals, as you'll be certified by the inventor of many key 5G technologies.
  • Become Certified by the Best in the Industry: By receiving a Qualcomm Technologies 5G certification, you will show key stakeholders that you are trained and certified by engineers on the forefront of the 5G revolution. If you choose to enroll in our certification prep courses in addition to taking the exam, you will learn directly from industry-leading engineers at Qualcomm Technologies.


Who Should Become 5G-Certified?

  • Wireless Engineers: If you’re looking to advance as an engineer, becoming 5G-certified may help you get there. We recommend 5G certification for all types of wireless engineers looking to thrive in the industry.
  • 5G Service Providers, Network Operators, and Other Wireless-Related Companies: If you’re looking to enhance the industry knowledge and skills of your engineers, sponsoring 5G certification for your employees may help you accomplish just that. We recommend 5G certification for any company that utilizes 5G technology.


Our Certification Process

You may register to take our certification exam right away or first take the courses listed in the section below to help you prepare. The exam and courses are sold separately.

All exams are proctored and administered virtually through Prometric. Exams closed-book, two hours long, and consist of 80 multiple-choice questions. After you register for the exam, you will receive an email with instructions for the day of your test.


Certification Prep Courses

All exam questions are based on material from the following Qualcomm Wireless Academy courses. Please click on any of the courses below to learn more about each course. When you register for the exam, we will send you a discount code to receive 50 percent off any of the prep courses outlined below.

Each course is taught by a leading Qualcomm Technologies engineer using our flexible eLearning format, so you may take each course at your own pace. You are not required to take our courses to take the exam, and you may register for as many courses as you would like.

Note that you will have access to each course for one year from your date of purchase. Throughout this one-year period, you may access each course as many times as you would like to review slides, watch lectures, and take your own notes.


Exam Pricing

The exam costs $395. If you do not pass, you may retake it for $195.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Click here for a list of the most frequently asked questions we get regarding the exam, prep courses, registration, and more.


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Course Information

Duration: 20 - 30 hours
Price : $395
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