5G Primer

**Not a wireless engineer? This course is for you!** Dive into the key components of 5G to learn how 5G is changing the professional landscape. Receive training from engineers who invented some of the technologies that make 5G possible.

Discover 5G Training with the Qualcomm Wireless Academy

Why Take This Course?

  • Take the next step in your career by gaining a greater understanding of 5G technology and how it can be applied to enhance strategy.
  • Train with engineers at Qualcomm Technologies – a world leader in 5G technology and wireless communication.
  • Participate in a professional development opportunity you can display on your resume/CV and LinkedIn profile.

Course Outline:

  • Wireless and cellular communication basics
  • The evolution of 5G
  • 5G NR vision
  • 5G enabling technologies, including 5G NR air interface, advanced channel coding, massive MIMO, mobile mmWave, and much more
  • Key networking features of 5G
  • mmWave and 5G
  • 5G uses with smart cities and C-V2X
  • 5G use cases: How different aspects of 5G are applied in the real world




Course Information

Duration: 2 hours
Price : $99
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