5G NR Technical Training

Broaden your engineering skills and gain a greater understanding of 5G NR. Learn from engineers at Qualcomm Technologies: a world pioneer in 5G technology.

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Why Take This Course?

  • Enhance your industry knowledge and skills by gaining a greater understanding of 5G and wireless engineering.
  • Train with engineers at Qualcomm Technologies – a world leader in 5G technology and wireless engineering.
  • Participate in a professional development opportunity you can display on your resume/CV and LinkedIn profile.


Course Outline:

  • Introduction to 5G NR
  • Discussion of the following in detail:
    • Network architecture
    • mmWave
    • Beamforming and massive MIMO
    • Physical layer
    • NR upper layers
    • Mobility and voice
  • Close look at deployment considerations



  • Basic LTE and LTE Advanced Technical Knowledge



  • Discuss 5G vision, motivation, spectrum, and use cases.
  • Explain the 3GPP technical standards and timeline for 5G NR.
  • Introduce the key 5G NR technology enablers.
  • Describe the key design principles of the 5G Core network.
  • Compare the 5G Core with the EPC from LTE.
  • Explain the RAN Evolution as well as RAN split options – both upper layer and lower layer.
  • Discuss NSA and SA Deployment Options.
  • Describe the motivation behind mmWave in 5G NR.
  • Explain mmWave RF characteristics.
  • Discuss mmWave antenna choice.
  • Discuss the motivation behind beamforming for 5G NR.
  • Describe beamforming techniques.
  • Discuss benefits and challenges of M-MIMO.
  • Describe Massive MIMO in 5G NR.
  • Discuss 5G NR reference signals and channels.
  • Explain cell acquisition and the role of synchronization signal blocks for initial access.
  • Describe contention based and contention free 5G NR RACH procedures.
  • Discuss DL data channel operation.
  • Explain UL channels.
  • Describe upper layers of the 5G NR Protocol stack.
  • Review the RLC and MAC functions.
  • List key PDCP functions.
  • Discuss the new Layer 2 protocol for QoS in 5GC.
  • Explain 5GNR idle mode mobility in NSA and SA modes.
  • Describe connected mode mobility in both NSA and SA modes and the measurement event triggers related to mobility.
  • Discuss Intra-NR and Inter-RAT mobility.
  • Describe lower layer beam mobility and related procedures.
  • Discuss voice options for NSA Mode UEs.
  • Describe SA mode voice options in SA Mode.
  • Outline NSA mobility scenarios during simultaneous voice and data services.
  • Discuss 5G deployment options and transition paths.
  • Review 5G coverage improvement techniques.
  • Describe TDD considerations for deployment.
  • Provide an outlook on upcoming 3GPP releases.
  • List relevant 5G NR features and enhancements.

Course Information

Duration: 8 Hours
Price : $695
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